The journal of Business Management comprises of articles related to entrepreneurship, business management, organization management, transitions to entrepreneurship etc. Most of the articles in entrepreneurship share the knowledge how to become a good entrepreneur. The necessary aspects to an entrepreneur need to manage a team of persons for business development and organization growth. In business development how to increase the business by sales and marketing and in organization growth- to take the organization into public by different aspects. One such is advertising the organization through media, social networking etc. The Business Management articles will gives idea regarding the cash flow, inventory management, sales and marketing etc. Some of the articles comments on how to manage the family business, how to overcome financial crisis in recession, organizational performance, technology transfer in universities, social entrepreneurship etc. Articles on financial crisis of a business in recession mainly explains about the mortgage backed securities in the large scale industries, cash flow of the industry, and transition of the cash. Each and every aspect of science and technology utilizes entrepreneurship. The innovations of science, medical and technology finally involves in business for profit. The banking sector is one of the biggest sectors in the business management. In this sector the person has to work with an endless data. Day to day the work will be increased and there would not be any time management. Recently some authors publish their on banking i.e., how to manage time in banking sector, how to update the endless data, new technologies in the form of software has been invented and these inventions are known to the young entrepreneurs by the article in journal. The journal will help us to gather the new novel thing in the form of articles.

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